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ŚB 8.16.8


अप्यग्नयस्तु वेलायां न हुता हविषा सति ।
त्वयोद्विग्नधिया भद्रे प्रोषिते मयि कर्हिचित् ॥ ८ ॥


apy agnayas tu velāyāṁ
na hutā haviṣā sati
tvayodvigna-dhiyā bhadre
proṣite mayi karhicit


api — whether; agnayaḥ — fires; tu — indeed; velāyām — in the fire sacrifice; na — not; hutāḥ — offered; haviṣā — by ghee; sati — O chaste woman; tvayā — by you; udvigna-dhiyā — because of some anxiety; bhadre — O auspicious woman; proṣite — was away from home; mayi — when I; karhicit — sometimes.


O chaste and auspicious woman, when I left home for other places, were you in so much anxiety that you did not offer oblations of ghee into the fire?