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ŚB 4.19.4


अन्वितो ब्रह्मशर्वाभ्यां लोकपालै: सहानुगै: ।
उपगीयमानो गन्धर्वैर्मुनिभिश्चाप्सरोगणै: ॥ ४ ॥


anvito brahma-śarvābhyāṁ
loka-pālaiḥ sahānugaiḥ
upagīyamāno gandharvair
munibhiś cāpsaro-gaṇaiḥ


anvitaḥ — being accompanied; brahma — by Lord Brahmā; śarvābhyām — and by Lord Śiva; loka-pālaiḥ — by the predominating chiefs of all different planets; saha anugaiḥ — along with their followers; upagīyamānaḥ — being praised; gandharvaiḥ — by the residents of Gandharvaloka; munibhiḥ — by great sages; ca — also; apsaraḥ-gaṇaiḥ — by the residents of Apsaroloka.


When Lord Viṣṇu appeared in the sacrificial arena, Lord Brahmā, Lord Śiva and all the chief predominating personalities of every planet, as well as their followers, came with Him. When He appeared on the scene, the residents of Gandharvaloka, the great sages, and the residents of Apsaroloka all praised Him.