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ŚB 3.23.12


मैत्रेय उवाच
प्रियाया: प्रियमन्विच्छन् कर्दमो योगमास्थित: ।
विमानं कामगं क्षत्तस्तर्ह्येवाविरचीकरत् ॥ १२ ॥


maitreya uvāca
priyāyāḥ priyam anvicchan
kardamo yogam āsthitaḥ
vimānaṁ kāma-gaṁ kṣattas
tarhy evāviracīkarat


maitreyaḥ — the great sage Maitreya; uvāca — said; priyāyāḥ — of his beloved wife; priyam — the pleasure; anvicchan — seeking; kardamaḥ — the sage Kardama; yogam — yogic power; āsthitaḥ — exercised; vimānam — an airplane; kāma-gam — moving at will; kṣattaḥ — O Vidura; tarhi — instantly; eva — quite; āviracīkarat — he produced.


Maitreya continued: O Vidura, seeking to please his beloved wife, the sage Kardama exercised his yogic power and instantly produced an aerial mansion that could travel at his will.


Here the words yogam āsthitaḥ are significant. The sage Kardama was completely perfect in yoga. As the result of real yoga practice there are eight kinds of perfection: the yogī can become smaller than the smallest, greater than the greatest or lighter than the lightest, he can achieve anything he likes, he can create even a planet, he can establish influence over anyone, etc. In this way yogic perfection is achieved, and after this one can achieve the perfection of spiritual life. Thus it was not very wonderful for Kardama Muni to create a mansion in the air, according to his own desire, to fulfill the desire of his beloved wife. He at once created the palace, which is described in the following verses.