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ŚB 3.21.48


अथोटजमुपायातं नृदेवं प्रणतं पुर: ।
सपर्यया पर्यगृह्णात्प्रतिनन्द्यानुरूपया ॥ ४८ ॥


athoṭajam upāyātaṁ
nṛdevaṁ praṇataṁ puraḥ
saparyayā paryagṛhṇāt


atha — then; uṭajam — the hermitage; upāyātam — approached; nṛdevam — the monarch; praṇatam — bowed down; puraḥ — in front; saparyayā — with honor; paryagṛhṇāt — received him; pratinandya — greeting him; anurūpayā — befitting the King’s position.


Seeing that the monarch had come to his hermitage and was bowing before him, the sage greeted him with benediction and received him with due honor.


Emperor Svāyambhuva Manu not only approached the cottage of dried leaves possessed by the hermit Kardama but also offered respectful obeisances unto him. Similarly, it was the duty of the hermit to offer blessings to kings who used to approach his hermitage in the jungle.