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ŚB 11.9.9


अन्वशिक्षमिमं तस्या उपदेशमरिन्दम ।
लोकाननुचरन्नेतान् लोकतत्त्वविवित्सया ॥ ९ ॥


anvaśikṣam imaṁ tasyā
upadeśam arindama
lokān anucarann etān


anvaśikṣam — I have seen with my own eyes; imam — this; tasyāḥ — of the young girl; upadeśam — lesson; arim-dama — O subduer of the enemy; lokān — worlds; anucaran — wandering; etān — these; loka — of the world; tattva — truth; vivitsayā — with a desire to know.


O subduer of the enemy, I travel throughout the surface of the earth learning constantly about the nature of this world, and thus I personally witnessed the lesson of the young girl.


The brāhmaṇa sage here explains to King Yadu that he is not presenting theoretical knowledge. Rather, by wandering throughout the world the observant and thoughtful brāhmaṇa has personally experienced the lessons learned from all of the above-mentioned gurus. Thus, instead of posing himself to be omniscient like God, he humbly explains that he has faithfully learned these lessons in his travels.