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ŚB 10.20.20


मेघागमोत्सवा हृष्टा: प्रत्यनन्दञ्छिखण्डिन: ।
गृहेषु तप्तनिर्विण्णा यथाच्युतजनागमे ॥ २० ॥


meghāgamotsavā hṛṣṭāḥ
pratyanandañ chikhaṇḍinaḥ
gṛheṣu tapta-nirviṇṇā


megha — of clouds; āgama — because of the arrival; utsavāḥ — who celebrate a festival; hṛṣṭāḥ — becoming joyful; pratyanandan — they cried out in greeting; śikhaṇḍinaḥ — the peacocks; gṛheṣu — within their homes; tapta — those who are distressed; nirviṇṇāḥ — and then become happy; yathā — just as; acyuta — of the infallible Personality of Godhead; jana — of the devotees; āgame — upon the arrival.


The peacocks became festive and cried out a joyful greeting when they saw the clouds arrive, just as people distressed in household life feel pleasure when the pure devotees of the infallible Supreme Lord visit them.


After the dry summer season, the peacocks become jubilant with the arrival of the first thundering rain clouds, and thus they dance in great happiness. Śrīla Prabhupāda comments, “We have practical experience of this: many of our students were dry and morose previous to their coming to Kṛṣṇa consciousness, but having come into contact with devotees they are now dancing like jubilant peacocks.”