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CC Madhya 20.84


eta cinti’ gelā gaṅgāya madhyāhna karite
eka gauḍiyā kānthā dhuñā diyāche śukāite


eta cinti’ — thinking this; gelā — went; gaṅgāya — to the bank of the Ganges; madhyāhna — bathing at noon; karite — to do; eka — one; gauḍiyā — Bengali Vaiṣṇava; kānthā — quilt; dhuñā — washing; diyāche — spread out; śukāite — to dry.


Thinking in this way, Sanātana went to the bank of the Ganges to bathe. While there, he saw that a mendicant from Bengal had washed his quilt and spread it out to dry.