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CC Madhya 10.43


pradyumna-miśra iṅha vaiṣṇava pradhāna
jagannāthera mahā-soyāra iṅha ‘dāsa’ nāma


pradyumna-miśra — Pradyumna Miśra; iṅha — this person; vaiṣṇava pradhāna — chief of all the Vaiṣṇavas; jagannāthera — of Lord Jagannātha; mahā-soyāra — great servitor; iṅha — this; dāsa nāma — designated as Dāsa.


“This is Pradyumna Miśra, who is chief of all Vaiṣṇavas. He is a great servitor of Jagannātha, and his name is Dāsa.


In Orissa most of the brāhmaṇas have the title Dāsa. Generally it is understood that the word dāsa refers to those other than the brāhmaṇas, but in Orissa the brāhmaṇas use the Dāsa title. This is confirmed by Culli Bhaṭṭa. Actually, everyone is dāsa because everyone is a servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In that sense, the bona fide brāhmaṇa has first claim to the appellation dāsa. Therefore in this case the designation dāsa is not incompatible.