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CC Madhya 10.170


suvarṇa-varṇo hemāṅgo
varāṅgaś candanāṅgadī
sannyāsa-kṛc chamaḥ śānto


suvarṇa — of gold; varṇaḥ — having the color; hema-aṅgaḥ — whose body was like molten gold; vara-aṅgaḥ — having a most beautiful body; candana-aṅgadī — whose body was smeared with sandalwood; sannyāsa-kṛt — practicing the renounced order of life; śamaḥ — equipoised; śāntaḥ — peaceful; niṣṭhā — of devotion; śānti — and of peace; parāyaṇaḥ — the highest resort.


“ ‘His bodily hue is golden, and His whole body is like molten gold. Every part of His body is very beautifully constructed and smeared with sandalwood pulp. Accepting the renounced order, the Lord is always equipoised. He is firmly fixed in His mission of chanting the Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra, and He is firmly situated in His dualistic conclusion and in His peace.’


This is a quote from the Mahābhārata’s Viṣṇu-sahasra-nāma-stotra.