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CC Ādi 9.9


শ্রীচৈতন্য মালাকার পৃথিবীতে আনি’ ।
ভক্তি–কল্পতরু রোপিলা সিঞ্চি’ ইচ্ছা–পানি ॥ ৯ ॥


śrī-caitanya mālākāra pṛthivīte āni’
bhakti-kalpataru ropilā siñci’ icchā-pāni


śrī-caitanya — Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; mālā-kāra — gardener; pṛthivīte — on this planet; āni’ — bringing; bhakti-kalpa-taru — the desire tree of devotional service; ropilā — sowed; siñci’ — watering; icchā — will; pāni — water.


Thus the Lord brought the desire tree of devotional service to this earth and became its gardener. He sowed the seed and sprinkled upon it the water of His will.


In many places devotional service has been compared to a creeper. One has to sow the seed of the devotional creeper, bhakti-latā, within his heart. As he regularly hears and chants, the seed will fructify and gradually grow into a mature plant and then produce the fruit of devotional service, namely love of Godhead, which the gardener (mālā-kāra) can then enjoy without impediments.